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(A) Assortment of aluminum and brass gas checks. (B) Original Freechex™ including anvil, mandrel, cutter, mallet and lead ingot cutting surface. (C) Freechex™ II for 50 caliber.

(D) Anvil has 0.40 mm slot to secure the strip of metal stock while the user applies shearing force. (E) Cutter-guide is able to shear discs from strips of metal stock and aligns the mandrel to form the gas check. (F) Cutter-guide inserted in anvil on top of the metal stock is ready to shear.

(G) FreeChex II mandrel for making 50 caliber ammunition is solid steel. (H) Finished gas checks are passed through and out the bottom of the anvil. (I) FreeChex III (assembled).

(J) Form factor for all FreeChex III cutting tools is made from A2 steel. (K) 30 caliber and 50 caliber SW.